Seabike 65L

Seabike 65L

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數量: pcs.



標稱準下的運動速度為1 m/s,最大速度為2.2 m/s


重量– 2.5公斤

包裝尺寸– 460х170х170毫米



Weight – 2.5 kg

Packing dimensions – 460 х 170 х 170 mm

Model 65L is designed for users whose height higher than 170 cm.

Motion speed in nominal conditions is 1 m/s, maximum speed is 2.2 m/s. 

SEABIKE is made without stainless steel, the parts are made from titanium and carbon fiber.

The compact look and small weight simplify transportation and storage.

The belt for attachment to the body has a wide range of adjustment, and is also used as a bag belt.

To assemble SEABIKE, you will need no more than 2 minutes.